Hydroponic vegetable gardening gallery

Advanced Container Vegetable Gardening!

Once again, we no longer make hydro systems, but are leaving some pages up for the info. Tremendous results are routinely realized by our customers growing in containers and soil with our custom fertilizers.

In the past we used to take our vegetables to the Farmer's Market. Customers went crazy over our sample plate of sliced heirloom tomatoes, and wanted to know our "secret" to such size and flavor. The expressions on their faces when we said...."hydroponics"....were priceless. And they wanted to know how they could do it themselves. That's when we decided to produce The Urban Farm commercially. Over time, backyard soil and container gardeners discovered our fertilizers and sales dwarfed our gro-systems. At that time we decided to shift our focus to fertilizers only.

People unfamiliar with hydroponics often think the vegetables aren't as good as soil-grown. In fact, experience and research indicate that hydroponic vegetables are better: more nutrition, larger size, and better taste. This is true....but, only if the hydroponic system is designed properly and the nutrient is of the correct ratio profile and elemental composition. This sounds like gobbly-gook. All you have to know is that Urban Farm Fertilizers, take care of all that. You will harvest vegetables of a quality and yield you are unprepared for.

Whether you are balcony gardening, patio gardening, urban rooftop gardening, community farming, or growing tomatoes on your porch or backyard, you will harvest the best gourmet-quality vegetables imaginable.

Except for the rosemary and green onions, the vegetables in the slideshow were all grown in Urban Farms, with minimal effort.

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Click on the images below to enlarge. No staged photos. All vegetables were grown in Urban Farms.