The Urban Farm 20-Granite All-Inclusive (Special Order)

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The Urban Farm 20 Granite is only available with our industrial black reservoir at this time. This is a special order. You will receive 20 granitized planters and our black reservoir, plus all of the included items below.


-recirculation technology is super-efficient on nutrient and water.

-digital control for to-the-minute irrigation programming.

-energy costs: less than 20 watts, and only during irrigations.

-55 gal nutrient reservoir and 4 gal planters.

-grow from ground-level, not waist-level.

-modular design allows plants to be moved to different planters.

-perfect aeration and nutrient delivery.

-astounding yields.

Custom Design for multiple UF-20's? No problem. We can design for large commercial applications as well. Call us with your requirements.

*See Below About Shipping.

If you want the best and you have a large space to fill or it has to blend in with, say, an English garden or meticulously landscaped setting then these high-end cylinder planters are it. These rotationally molded planters are bomb-proof and beautiful. Custom solid and granitized finishes.

The Urban Farm 20 automatically irrigates your vegetables with up to 8 pre-programmed fill and drain cycles/day. Hook up tap water, fill the planters with included rockwool, add our own proprietary premium Urban Farm Fertilizers, plug it in and the UF-20 takes care of the rest. Start from seed or transplants. Grow like the pros with patent-pending hydroponic recirculating technology on your deck, terrace, atrium, or greenhouse. The UF-20 will produce astounding yields of the best vegetables you've ever eaten, and fit in with your upscale landscaping at the same time!! This is urban farming at maximum efficiency.


-the Urban Farm 20 model you select.
-2 gallons of our own exclusive Urban Farm Fertilizers.
-a TDS meter from HM Digital to monitor your ppms.
-100 ph strips from EMD to monitor your ph.
-32oz of Ph Down.
-16oz of Ph Up.
-Grodan rockwool to fill the number of planters you have.

The UF-20 Granite ships via motor freight. Call for the lowest quote.

**Planters must be level with each other.