Urban Farm™ Fertilizers BioActive™ All-Organic Dry Powder

In 6lb resealable pouches.

BioActive™ 100% OMRI-approved ingredients.

100% complete nutrition, for pre-mix, top-dress, container gardening, and soil enhancement.


Organics done right, not just thrown in a bag!

Ingredients: bat guanos, worm casts, crab shell, kelp, mycorrhizae, humic and fulvic acids, soy meal, cottonseed meal, poultry litter, palm ash.

We make it by hand. We lab analyze it. We trial it. We approve it.

Urban Farm BioActive™ Organic nutrients

We use a combination of hi-nitrogen and hi-phosphorus bat guanos, and then select the correct combinations of other organic ingredients to fill in the blanks for a 100% complete formula. This is how we make organic formulas with both up-front, quick release potency and long-term, lasting breakdown.

BioActive Organic Dry Powder-6lb bag. Priority Shipping Included!