The Urban Farm 20 Commercial-Bare Bones

The Urban Farm 20 Commercial-Bare Bones
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The Urban Farm 20 Commercial-Bare Bones
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For those who already have their own gear and just want the best hydroponic platform out there, we offer the UF-20 without the extras.

The commercial/full garden version of The Urban Farm. Perfect for urban rooftops and medium-sized backyard greenhouses. Or just set it out in your former garden area and let it become your new automated garden*.

The Urban Farm 20 recirculating hydroponic system automatically irrigates your vegetables with up to 8 pre-programmed fill and drain cycles/day. Hook up tap water and power, fill the planters with rockwool (suggested), add our own proprietary premium Urban Farm Fertilizers or the nutrient of your choice, plug it in and the UF-20 takes care of the rest. Start from seed or transplants. Grow like the pros with patent-pending hydroponic recirculating technology on your deck, terrace, atrium, or greenhouse. The UF-20 will produce astounding yields of the best vegetables you've ever eaten!!

This is a unit that will inundate you, your family, and the neighborhood with the finest vegetables you ever imagined growing.....without the weeding, tilling, watering, and maintenance of soil gardening. Benefit from downsized commercial technology and let the Urban Farm 20 be your community gardener. Urban Farming the much easier and efficient way.

Not included: Urban Farm Fertilizers, Ph Up/Down, Ph strips, TDS meter, rockwool, or shipping charges.


-recirculation technology is super-efficient on nutrient and water.

-German digital control for to-the-minute irrigation programming.

-energy costs: less than 20 watts, and only during irrigations.

-55 gal nutrient reservoir and 3 gal planters.

-grow from ground-level, not waist-level.

-modular design allows plants to be moved to different planters.

-perfect aeration and nutrient delivery.

-astounding yields.

*Read Below About Shipping.

Custom Design for multiple UF-20's? No problem. We can design for large commercial applications as well. Call us with your requirements.

The Urban Farm is designed to use loose, granulate rockwool. Other substrates may require custom system adjustments. Potting soil is not recommended.

*UV-8 rating applies to both grey and granite reservoirs and granite planters only.

Each system is assembled and thoroughly tested at the time of the order in the USA. Because of the semi-custom nature and hand-assembly of The Urban Farm it can take 2-10 days to assemble and ship.

The UF-20 ships by motor freight. Call us for the lowest quote possible.

**NOTE: Planters must be within 1/2" of level with each other from end-to-end. If placed on soil, the soil can be mounded up or excavated down under each individual planter to accomplish this.

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