The Urban Farm 20: Advanced hobby or Farmer's Market!!

We no longer manufacture Urban Farm hydroponic systems. Instead we are focused only on formulating and producing the highest quality plant nutrients possible. But we left this page up to show what our hydroponic-grade fertilizers can do. Most of our customers now are regular backyard soil and container gardeners.

Indoor/outdoor automated container gardening.

The Urban Farm 20 for:

Urban Rooftops
Indoor growrooms
Pre-existing garden areas
Community Garden Areas

Stop digging, tilling, watering, and weeding. Just set out the UF-20 and replace your entire garden area. Plan on canning, freezing, or heading to the local farmers market. Exclusively tomatoes? 300-500lbs in 3 months of production.* Better to mix with squash, cucumbers, peas, and peppers. You'll need space because you'll have a jungle. And, btw, go on your summer vacation. The Urban Farm does the watering and feeding for you.

Exclusive Patent-Pending design. The Urban Farm automatically fills and drains nutrient from the reservoir to the planters 6-8 times/day, keeping your plants' rootzone aerated, flushed, and full of the nutrition vegetable plants need for heavy yield, sweet flavor, and large size.

It's important to remember that tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, melons, and eggplant can grow so large with such a heavy yield in The Urban Farm that vertical support is recommended. See How to grow tomatoes.

Custom Design for multiple UF-20's? No problem. We can design for large commercial applications as well. Call us with your requirements.

Urban rooftop or community gardening? You cannot beat the Urban Farm 10 or 20!

-Stingy on water and nutrient
-ultra energy efficient
-far less maintenance than traditional gardening
-no soil to haul
-automatic watering and fertilizing
-made to last for many years
-the explosive growth and high-yield of advanced hydroponics

For more in-depth info see: Info 101 and FAQs

The Economics of The Urban Farm 20:
We'll use tomatoes in half and bell peppers in the other half for simplicity. Peppers are a slower growing and smaller plant so we always put 2 or 3 in each planter. Let's just say two colored bells per planter. Over the course of a long growing season it is very realistic to get 12-20 bells per plant (let's use 12). Colored bells in the store are $2 apiece. All told, the worth from 10 planters would be $480 or more, whether you bought or sold them.

Twenty-to-thirty pounds of tomatoes per plant/planter is also very realistic in our experience (let's use 20). Top quality heirlooms and hybrids in the store go for $4/lb and up. In 10 planters that equals a worth of $800 or more. Again, bought or sold.

Between the two you have a combined value of at least $1280 in one season.
This is why The Urban Farm represents such a good value. How many things have you bought in your life that have paid for themselves so quickly, if ever? Of course other vegetables don't value quite as much, but you still come out ahead of your purchase price in the first year alone, and the whole time you know what went into and on the food you eat. As they say, "That's priceless".

Most Urban Series GroSystems are All Inclusive, ready-to-grow packages.


-the Urban Farm 20 model you select.
-2 gallons of our own super-concentrated Urban Farm Fertilizers Nutrient.
-Primo model TDS meter from Hanna Instruments to monitor your ppms.
-calibration solution for the TDS meter.
-100 ph strips from EMD to monitor your ph.
-32oz of Ph Down.
-16oz of Ph Up. (used much less than Ph Down)
-Grodan rockwool (?) to fill all of your planters.

The Urban Farm=bigger yield. The Urban Farm provides the perfect root zone conditions, and our Urban Farm Fertilizers Liquid Nutrient provides plant nutrition in ideal ratios. Your plants grow effortlessly with no stress, no drought, maximum oxygen, firing on all cyclinders. Less stress and perfect health equals better metabolism equals maximum yield. This is what advanced hydroponic vegetable gardening can achieve.

Dedicated to quality: food-grade polyethylene reservoirs and planters, UV-8 ultraviolet protection** (8 years in Florida sun), stainless steel fasteners, point-to-point handwired electronics, German multi-program timers.

*Results vary. Yields are dependent on many factors.

**UV-8 rating applies to both grey and granite reservoirs and granite planters only.

Please Contact Us:

All pictures on this site are of plants and vegetables produced in Urban Farms.

**NOTE: Planters must be within 1/2" of level with each other from end-to-end. If placed on soil, the soil can be mounded up or excavated down under each individual planter to accomplish this.

            Advice is Free. Give us a call! Personalized and unlimited Post-Purchase support!

The Urban Farm 20 Commercial All-inclusive. More info.

The Urban Farm 20 Commercial at the beginning of a tomato crop. More info.

The Urban Farm 20 Commercial during early fruiting.

Eight-feet tall tomato plants. Vertical management is standard in commercial greenhouses. If not for pruning and training these would have gone to 12 feet. Routinely done in all Urban Farms.

Expect 10-30 lbs/day of perfect heirlooms during the season. Typically a tray is 9 lbs.

The Urban Farm 20 can make a lot of money at the Farmer's Market.

The Urban Farm 20 Commercial-Bare Bones
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The Urban Farm 20 Commercial-All-inclusive*
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