Heirloom tomato gardening gallery

Use the UF-10 and 20 for garden replacement or small greenhouse production.

This heirloom tomato gardening slideshow follows a season using a combination of the two for a 30-pot setup. The UF-10 is on the left in the greenhouse, making a third row. You don't need a greenhouse, but they're nice. You can use an Urban Farm to replace your entire outside garden area! Just lay out the pots in whatever configuration you want, make sure they are level, and forget about the tilling, weeding, watering, and feeding. Container vegetable gardening has never been easier!

-1st: just getting started. 1' tall.

-2nd: 2' tall.

-3rd: 3' tall and starting to "roar".

-4th: UF-10 and 20.

-5th: Granny Cantrell.

-6th: inspecting ripe Granny's before picking them.

-7th: Basket of heirlooms.

-8th: Pruden's Purple before darkening.

-9th: the morning's harvest from two rows.

-10th: toward the end of production they are at 8-9' and becoming difficult to manage. The next crop has long since been germinated and is waiting in flats for transplanting.

-11th: unsupported "hedge" of heirloom tomato plants before setting fruit.

We just happen to like heirloom tomatoes so much that we dedicate quite a bit of space to growing them. But not much time! But plant what you want........Urban Farm Fertilizers will produce stunning results with whatever you grow.

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Click on the images below to enlarge. No staged photos. All vegetables were grown in Urban Farms.