Our Promise: We sincerely believe in helping people, not just selling people. That's why we mean it when we say....."Call Us, advice is free".

Who we are. We are a resource and ecommerce website dedicated to helping people maximize home vegetable production. We design and build quality products, while also offering quality retail products from other manufacturers. We hope you will do business with us.

Shipping and Backordering: We shop online just like you do. We are annoyed by the same things, such as marketing, shipping, and backordering "tricks". We price low, use discounted UPS rates, and if we are out of stock or have to backorder you will immediately be given the option to cancel your order for a full refund.

Due to credit card fraud and chargebacks we require "Ship to" and "Bill to" addresses to match the address on your card, along with correct zipcode and CVV numbers. In other words, First Data, our card processor, must give us a 100% clean bill of health before we can process your order. Truly sorry, but that is the world we live in.

We at HydroSystems™ have been gardening all our lives. Originally our focus was in refining the technology and methods of simplified and sustainable vegetable production. Almost 30 years ago we became interested in hydroponics as a way to bring intensive vegetable production to people who didn't have large garden areas or endless water supplies. The Urban Farm and Urban Farm Fertilizers™ are the result, a system of products that allow us to bring professional greenhouse technology to these people and to areas of the world with limited resources.

We also had another motive for developing the Urban Farm GroSystems: Granddad Colonel Horn and his wife Violet, two beloved retired family members. Col. Horn had zero gardening experience and at his age wasn't about to start digging in his backyard. Yet he loves old-timey homegrown tomatoes and bell peppers and Violet loves cucumbers and squash. We got to thinking.....they're pretty typical. Alot of people could enjoy growing fresh vegetables if there were an easy way and it didn't take up much room. The early prototypes were industrial looking. Violet wasn't about to have something ugly on her patio. So we had our own proprietary molds made and started producing truly elegant planters and matching nutrient reservoirs. The Urban Farm GroSystems now look fantastic, at home on a $30,000 redwood deck or a simple balcony.

In his first season with the Urban Farm 5, Col. Horn produced over 110lbs of tomatoes from three planters and bushels of cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapenos, and serranos from the remaining two planters (3 pepper varieties in one planter). He had such a surplus that he gave much of it away to his golfing and card-playing buddies, and picked up bragging rights in the process. They all wanted to know how he did it. He did this with no knowledge and minimal input.....that is how easy and automated the Urban Farm GroSystems are to use. Ultimately we developed The Urban Farm GroSystems so anyone can experience the explosive results and rewards of hydroponics in a simple plug 'n grow package.

We no longer manufacture Urban Farms. Even though they were, and remain, great hydro systems, we couldn't sell enough of them. Fertilizers are another story........people began using our nutrients in their backyard gardens and raving about the results. That's when we made fertilizer manufacturing our business model, and it's worked out well for us. Thank you all.

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By standard mail:

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Shipping Information:

UPS Real Time Shipping won't calculate above 150lbs. If your order shows no shipping charge then your order is over that. Please make two separate orders, or go ahead with your order and HydroSystems will contact you with Real Time shipping charges.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

We generally don't accept returns. Liquid fertilizers are a special category. As you'll notice, our bottles are packaged in sealed, padded boxes. It is imperative that a bottle of liquid fertilizer not leak on the trip. USPS and UPS get quite upset. We can't depend on a customer packaging a bottle correctly for a return. How many customers have heat sealers? Fortunately, a request for a return is rare, because many of our customers order based on all the positive comments they're read or heard. They know ahead of time that the product will be good.

*HydroSystems is not responsible for return shipping costs.