Grodan rockwool, bulk, 45lbs

Grodan rockwool, bulk, 45lbs
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We buy large quantities of Grodan granulate. That's why we can pass on to you the best price on the internet!

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Loose Grodan™ rockwool (also called flock or granulate) is the preferred choice of professional greenhouse growers the world over. We can't recommend it enough. It is, quite simply, basaltic rock that is superheated and spun like cotton-candy. In the end (after several uses) it becomes the building blocks of regular soil. Mix it back into flower pots/beds, container ornamentals, or roto-till it into new lawns.

It's #1 outstanding characteristic is the ability to hold both large amounts of moisture and air at the same time. Rockwool is an essential ingredient in the incredible yields of the Urban Series GroSystems™.

One bag equals 10 crops for The Urban Garden 3, 6 crops for the UG-5, 3 crops for the UF-10, and 1-1/2 crops for the UF-20. You get alot of crop in return.

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