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1 gallon Flowers & Blooms
1 gallon Flowers & Blooms
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High phosphorus and calcium. Use for seedlings, transplants, and heavy flowering. Maximum color, size, and aroma.

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Bat guanos, Sea Kelp, Mycorrhizae, Earthworm Castings, Humic Acid, Vitazyme®, amino acids, and hydroponic-grade mineral salts. Use Urban Farm Fertilizers in our Urban Farm GroSystems, soil, drip systems, or hand-watering for complete nutrition and eye-popping yields.

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Super-concentrated!! One gallon of Flowers & Blooms makes 256 gallons of working strength nutrient.!

High phosphorus for dedicated flowering in The Urban Farm, soil, or hand-watered pots.

Flowers & Blooms Formula is a premium, greenhouse-grade nutrient for maximum size, aroma, and color in your flowers. It has been developed over many years of trials and tissue analysis to provide the highest nutrition possible.

All Urban Farm Formulas are designed to produce stunning results in soil and potted plants, as well as hydroponics.

Mix to your desired nutrient strength and adjust Ph to 5.4-6.4.

We have also demonstrated that humic acid, bat guano, sea kelp, earthworm castings, and enzymes in the correct ratios and concentration add significantly to metabolic processes and the uptake of nutrients. Our formulas are the result of years of ongoing side-by-side trials and tissue analysis.

The skinny on N-P-K percentages: Our NPK values look low compared to, say, a generic 20-20-20. That's because liquids weigh much more than dry powders, and NPK is based on "percentage of weight". For example: we have done side-by-side testing of nutrient strength with Urban Farm Liquid Fertilizers vs the bigger 20-20-20 dry powders in the business. Tablespoon-for-tablespoon in a gallon of water, we are typically 15-20% stronger. True nutrient strength has much more to do with the quality and availability of the components used.

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