Case-1/2 gal x 6 Flowers & Blooms

Case-1/2 gal x 6 Flowers & Blooms
Item# FB646
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3.6-4.0-4.0 Save!! Buy by the case! Six bottles of 1/2 gallon each (3 gallons). Half-gallon bottles are easy to use. Makes 768 gallons of working strength nutrient!

Flowers & Blooms Formula is a premium, greenhouse-grade nutrient for maximum size, aroma, and color in your flowers. It has been developed over many years of trials and tissue analysis to provide the highest nutrition possible.

All Urban Farm Formulas are designed to produce stunning results in soil and potted plants, as well as hydroponics.

Mix to your desired nutrient strength and adjust Ph to 5.4-6.2.

We have also demonstrated that humic acid, bat guano, sea kelp, earthworm castings, and enzymes in the correct ratios and concentration add significantly to metabolic processes and the uptake of nutrients. Our formulas are the result of years of ongoing side-by-side trials and tissue analysis.

Shipping not included for this 4-pack.