1/2 gallon Garden of Eden Extreme Bloom Nutrient. 1-3 Day Priority Shipping included.

1/2 gallon Garden of Eden
1/2 gallon Garden of Eden
Item# GE64


Makes 125 gallons @ 2.2 ms/cm EC

Garden of Eden is a revolution in hydroponic nutrient formulation. It is a true 1-part, 100% complete flowering nutrient for indoor flower gardening. Forget about the 2 & 3 part formulas you've been using. Totally unnecessary.

Even more concentrated! One gallon makes 256 gallons of full-strength hydroponic nutrient.

(measured @ 2.2 ms/cm EC)

Bat guanos, Sea Kelp, Mycorrhizae, Earthworm Castings, Humic Acid, Vitazyme®, amino acids, and hydroponic-grade mineral salts. Use Urban Farm Fertilizers in our Urban Farm GroSystems, soil, drip systems, or hand-watering for complete nutrition and eye-popping yields.

You want to know the dirty little secret the big boys won't tell you? Hydroponic nutrient doesn't cost near what they want you to think it costs to manufacture. The result: they are making a killing on their margins, off of you. Why? They figure since you're an "indoor gardener" you've got a ton of money and can afford to pay more. You should be outraged!

At Urban Farm Fertilizers we have been micro-brewing top-quality hydroponic nutrients for almost 30 years. We know what we're doing, and we know what it costs. One of our missions is to put a stop to the ripoff. Compare our prices. We sell for half of what you're paying at discount, and we still make a good profit. Stop being taken advantage of. Try Garden of Eden today and see for yourself. You won't believe the results.

Garden of Eden is a proprietary hybrid fertilizer: part organic, part mineral salts.

Maximum phosphorus and calcium, the highest-grade components, instantly soluble and available. And check out the price! Compare to General Hydro and Humboldt Nutrients. Stop paying more!

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