Tools for soil, container vegetable gardening, and hydroponic vegetable gardening.

The Urban Farm GroSystems:
Advanced container gardening

Welcome to your new hobby!

No weed, no till high-performance gardening!

We are the makers of The Urban Farm™ 3,5,10,and 20 automated container vegetable gardening systems for:

Urban Rooftops
Pre-existing garden areas
Indoor growrooms
Community Garden Areas
Urban Farms

For people with no time or space to garden: no more tilling, weeding, hand-watering or feeding. The Urban Farm equals big yields/less work. Grow your own heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, melons, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, chard, chinese vegetables, and more.

Watch this short intro video to find out what The Urban Farm is and what it can do for you.

Based on the same principles as professional hydroponic greenhouses, our Patent-Pending technology produces astounding yields of heirloom quality vegetables by circulating an oxygen-rich nutrient solution to the planters 6 times/day. The Urban Farm is constructed of the finest quality materials: food-grade reservoirs and planters, UV-8 ultraviolet protection, hand-wired sealed electronics, and precision German multi-program timers. Info 101

Offered in two price ranges: The Workman Series, and The Granite Decorator Series. FAQs

We have low prices on Greenhouses. See our Urban Farm/Greenhouse discount packages!

We also offer our full line of Urban Farm Fertilizers for vegetables: super-concentrated liquid nutrient for hydroponics, hand-watered container gardening, and soil.

Compare The Urban Farm Automated GroSystems to manual "Grow Boxes". Click here

Our Mission

To maximize intensive home vegetable production for soil gardening, urban farming, balcony and rooftop gardening, and small commercial production for the farmer's market.
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User-friendly, high-performance gardening!!

Now anyone can experience the explosive growth rates and tremendous yields of hydroponic vegetable gardening in an ultra low-maintenance, consumer-friendly package. Turn your porch, deck, or atrium into a garden area. Forget about salmonella, weeding, and tilling.

-Set it on top of your former garden area: no more digging or weeding.

-Decorate your deck or patio with our Granite Series.

-Forget about the tremendous weight of rooftop gardening with soil.

-Super water and energy efficient.

-Astounding yields.

-Go on your summer vacation. The Urban Farm waters and feeds for you.

"The Urban Farm is your gardener"......eight models to choose from.

From working people and chefs to retirees, from urban rooftops and townhouse patios to residential backyards, The Urban Series
GroSystems™ will allow you to produce far cleaner, cheaper, and better tasting vegetables than you can buy in the supermarket....year after year after year.

-Professional technology and top quality components.
-No prior knowledge needed.
-A fraction of the effort required for soil gardening.
-Automatic watering and feeding.
-No weeding, tilling, or soil-bourne disease.
-Designer colors and styling.
Pays for itself in one year!(see Economics)

In difficult economic times we are proud to be a small American company encouraging people to grow their own. With The Urban Farm it's easy!

Our Products

We offer specific products for soil, container vegetable gardening, and hydroponic vegetable production. These are all products which we know to be of high quality and function.....products which will make you successful and not waste your money.

-The Urban Farm™ 3 and 5 planter systems for small spaces.
-The Urban Farm™ 10 and 20 planter systems for large areas.
-Our own Urban Farm Fertilizers ™ liquid nutrient for hydroponics and soil.
-Horticultural grow lights from Sunlight Supply.
-All types of meters from Hanna Instruments, HM Digital, and Milwaukee.
-Our own line of Ph Down/Up solutions for Ph control.
-Ph buffer solutions for calibrating Ph meters.
-Calibration standard for TDS/EC meters.
-Grodan rockwool....the best growing medium available.
-Bamboo tomato and cucumber cages (coming soon).
-Top quality reverse osmosis systems for bad water.
-Replacement parts.
-greenhouses from Snap & Grow, Essex, Riga, and Janssen's.

We offer two styles: budget-minded inexpensive pots or stunning
granitized planters that will grace any setting with elegant distinction. In the latter case the reservoirs are specially molded to match. Experience container gardening at it's best. Click on links to the left.

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Each system is assembled and thoroughly tested at the time of the order in the USA. Because of the semi-custom nature and hand-assembly of
The Urban Farm it can take 2-10 days to assemble and ship.

It's time. It's easy. It's healthy. And it's extremely cost-effective.

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*all locations require tap water source and 120v AC power.

All pictures on this site are of plants and vegetables produced in
Urban Farms.

Advice is Free. Give us a call!
And we offer unlimited post-purchase support.

Personalized and unlimited Post-Purchase support!

The Urban Farm 3: Granite Decorator Series. 34 gal reservoir and 4 gal planters. More info.

The Urban Farm 5: Granite Decorator Series. 34 gal reservoir and 4 gal planters. More info.

The Urban Farm 10: Workhorse Series. 34 gal reservoir and 3 gal planters. More info.

Urban Farm Fertilizers: dedicated formulas for explosive growth!

The Urban Farm 5: Workhorse Series

The Urban Farm 5: Granite Series

The Urban Farm 3: Workhorse Series

Fresh from The Urban Farm

The Urban Farm GroSystems: Advanced container vegetable gardening.